Russian ruble (RUB) to EUR: current and official rates

The EUR/RUB* rate is also base on the data of Moscow stock exchange. The Central Bank of Russian Federation each working day updates its official rates of EUR, USD and other foreign currencies based on the stock exchange data on 8:30 GMT. These rates become official rates of the next day.

The EUR/RUB rates have recently been as follows:

  • 22.09.2023: 102.3606 RUB for 1 Euro
  • 21.09.2023: 103.3699 RUB for 1 Euro
  • 20.09.2023: 102.9211 RUB for 1 Euro
  • 19.09.2023: 103.0945 RUB for 1 Euro
  • 16.09.2023: 103.0358 RUB for 1 Euro

Current exchange rate EUR/RUB and forecast

The most up to date EUR/RUB rate is the current stock exchange rate which changes continuously and can be tracked online. At the moment (22.09.2023 16:00 GMT) it is 102.45 RUB for one EUR.

The long-term forecasts of EUR/RUB rates are nearly impossible. However it is possible to predict the rates for the next day. Current EUR/RUB rate is 102.45 RUB. So, it is possible to say that the next official rate is going to be something like it.

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* Sometimes RUR code is used as Russian currency code. But RUR is the old code replaced by RUB now.